Just the beginning

Let me just start off by saying that I have been in Korea for over two weeks, and I honestly have been meaning to start this blog since day one. Really, every single time I sit down to get it up and running, I freeze up on choosing a name. I had some seriously good ones, I’m talking amazing names, but of course other people apparently thought they were just as amazing as I did. After much thought and deliberation by every single person I know, I decided on a name that describes both my husband and me perfectly.  Anyone who knows us knows that we couldn’t be more different- he’s plaid flannel shirts, scuffed up cowboy boots, dog tags, and a sweet country accent. He could strike up a conversation with anyone he meets and probably talk their ear off for hours about anything. That’s just not me.  I love being by myself with my delicious iced coffee thinking about where I want to travel next. My parents gave me opportunities throughout my life to travel around the world, and I loved every second of it.  From trying new, crazy foods to experiencing the inspiring wonders of the world I read about in school, I just love the adventure. Don’t get me wrong- I’m really a homebody. Home with my family is my happy place, but I know no matter where I travel or what adventure I go on next, I know I will always make my way back home.  Over the past seven years, my husband and I have rubbed off on each other a bit. He will now eat foods he can’t pronounce, which is fantastic considering where we are living now. I don’t know what we are actually eating half the time here, but it’s all amazing. Anyway, back to the name. I love it, and it is perfect. End of story.


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